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2019 - 2020 Season Calendar

We hope to attend many more events throughout the season. However this is dependent on sponsorship and our world ranking. If you wish to help us attend an event please see our sponsorship page 

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 a number of our international events have been cancelled or will not be feasible due to travel restrictions. Whilst we are disappointed, our team is excited to get involved with local events this this season that we would usually miss due to being overseas.

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NZ Match Race Championship Qualifiers

August 2020

This event is hosted on our home waters at the RNZYS in the Elliott 7s that we regularly train in.

NZ Match Racing Championships

October 2020

The NZMRC is hosted on home turf at the RNZYS in Elliott 7s. Entry to this regatta is based on the team's results in the August qualifying regatta. Fingers crossed.

New Zealand Women's Match Race Championships

October 2020

Where the best New Zealand Women Match Racing Teams battle it out. This event is hosted the week before the Women's Worlds and is likely to have a number of international teams competing therefore making this event a beneficial regatta.

Women's Match Race Worlds

November 2020

Where the best International Women Match Racing Teams battle it out. Even better news is its on home turf at the RNZYS.