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2.0 makes finals at Arafura Games

Updated: May 1, 2020

The 2.0 Racing team ventured to Darwin this May for the Arafura Games, and what an event it was.

Hosted in one of the most beautiful and well set up locations, the only real concern for the 2.0 Racing Team was the Crocodiles. Our goal for the event was to take it one race at a time and learn from each one. Darwin Sailing Club's live feed and YouTube recordings was a wonderful learning tool for our team debrief each evening. Link to the racing footage and results can be found here:

We were thrilled to make it to finals and were excited to take on James Hodgoson - Australia's 2018 National Match Race Champion. After a false couple of starts, due to breeze changes, the finals got underway. We want to offer our congratulations to James Hodgoson and his team to a well deserved win. Despite a few close races and scoring a penalty on him, we couldn't quite catch him.

We would like to thank Claire Hall from Australian Sailing for all the work she did to get us to the event. As well as the Race Officer and his Race Management team for getting all of the races underway in what was at times both trying and difficult conditions and with the unfortunate damage of gear an inconvenient situation. Furthermore, we would like to thank the umpires, the Arafura volunteers and all of the locals - the event would not have been possible without any of these people. Their incredible hospitality and commitment made the event one that the 2.0 Racing Team enjoyed thoroughly.

Last but definitely not least we want to thank Brittany Clark for joining the team - and what a great addition she was! 2.0 Racing Team heads home to continue training in the cold weather that awaits us in Auckland. The beautiful, 30 something degree Darwin will be missed, crocodiles and all.

Thanks to Brandit.Kiwi for our snazzy new team kit!

Finals: 2.0 Racing Team in boat 1 VS James Hodgoson boat 2

2.0 Racing Team (left), James Hodgoson's Team (middle), Team India (right)

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