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Grand Slam Event 3: NEW YORK

New York!! We’ve just wrapped up event 3 of the grand slam series at @oakcliffsail and are about to kick into the last and final event, the Thompson Cup at @seawanhaka_sailing

On Day 1 we warmed up to it slowly taking on the massive challenge of a 40ft boat! Day 2 after many hours of waiting saw no breeze and therefore no racing, followed by day 3 which was the biggest day of racing we have ever had, completing 11 races in 10 hours. We were stoked to finish the Round Robin in 5th place, moving on to race Jean-Baptiste Bernaz's French team in the quarterfinals. We had some tight races and just got them on the line moving us through to the semifinals where we lined up against the man who literally wrote the book on match racing, Dave Perry. Racing was close and full of penalties but we lost out to him 2,1. On day 4 we raced Chris Poole’s USA @riptideracingteam in the petite finals, losing out again 2,1.

We’re happy to have wrapped up the regatta in 4th place. It’s been a great week with a steep learning curve - and we’re excited to continue to have this learning opportunity this week at the Thompson Cup, at the same venue in the same boats. ⛵️☀️

As always thanks to @rnzys and @mustoaustralia 🕶

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