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2nd in the RNZYS Dufor Ladies Series 2018-2019

Updated: May 17, 2019

As a team we have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to compete in the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron's 2018-2019 Dufor Ladies Series. The Series is open to all classes of Keel boats, however the majority of the fleet sail an MRX. It was our teams first time sailing an MRX, with the boat being larger and requiring more team members on board than the boats we usually sail, it presented many challenges. The learning curve was steep, however, we feel we progressed each week both in boat handling, team work and communication. We were excited to see that the improvement and learning reflected in our results. We finished the Series winning the night on both line and handicap, placing us in 2nd overall for the series.

The 2.0 racing team would like to thank the RNZYS Youth Training Programme for assisting us financially, which enabled us to compete this season. As well as, MRX Yachting, who provided MRX 1993 for us. MRX Yachting ensured the boat was always in pristine condition, thank you to them for their hard work and for being so generous and accommodating to our team. Last but definitely not least, thank you to the coaches that gave up their time for us this season. The skills we have learnt are transferable and relevant to a range of classes and disciplines of sailing. Our team looks forward to applying these skills not only in the upcoming Women's Keelboat Nationals but to all of our future racing.

The NZL Women's Sailing Team leading in boat 3 in the final race of the series.

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