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Our Plans & Goals 

Since the establishment of our team in June 2019, it has been a long term goal to compete in the Womens Match Racing Worlds. With Covid-19 throwing a spanner in the works and delaying our timeline – we plan to finally compete in the Women's Worlds in November 2022.


Further team goals include competing in the Women’s International Match Race (WIM) Series tour, the first and only professional sailing circuit for women. In 2019, we were fortunate enough to attend one of these events within our first year of sailing together as a team, the China Women’s International Match Race regatta. This was an incredible experience where we had the opportunity to race against some of the world’s best women’s match racers. We returned home with newfound knowledge and enthusiasm to continue training.


This year we’re excited to announce we have received entry to a grade one WIM Series event in France, along with various US Grand Slam regattas. These international regattas will be a great opportunity for us to get back into the swing of racing on an international stage, along with the opportunity up-skill in a variety of boats and sharpen our match racing against some of of the greatest match racers in the world. 

Regatta Schedule

June 2022

August 2022 

November 2022

Normandy Match Race (Grade 1) -  France

Grand Slam Event 1: Chicago Cup (Grade2) - Chicago, USA.

Grand Slam Event 2: Detroit Cup (Grade 2) - Detroit, USA.

Grand Slam Event 3: Oakcliff International (Grade 2) - New York, USA.

Grand Slam Event 4: Thompson Cup (Grade 2) - New York, USA.

New Zealand Womens Match Race National Championship (Grade 3) - Auckland, NZ

Womens World Match Race Championship (Grade W) - Auckland, NZ

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